Booking Forms

You need to discuss your surgery date with the practice nursing staff and confirm the date for surgery.  Payment for surgery will also be discussed at this time. Once this has been completed you need to take your booking form to the hospital preferably 2 weeks prior to surgery (unless emergency surgery).

Wollongong Day Surgery

354-358 Crown Street (Cnr New Dapto Road & Crown Street)

Wollongong NSW 2500   Ph: (42266955)

No need to make an appointment, they are open Monday to Friday 8.00am to 4.30pm.

Figtree Private Hospital

1 Suttor Place

Figtree NSW 2525 Ph:  (42555000)

No need to make an appointment they are open from 9.30am, you need to book in at least a week prior to the surgery. If you are having a joint replacement and you wish to attend the joint replacement clinic at Figtree Private Hospital please phone 42 555000 and book an appointment.

Shellharbour Private Hospital

27 Captain Cook Drive

Barrack Heights NSW 2528 Ph: (42952999)

No need to make an appointment they are open from Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm

Macquarie University Hospital,

2 Technology Place

Macquarie University NSW 2109


Please read the list of medications and instructions for use before your surgery date:

Aspirin –to be advised by your G.P when to cease your aspirin.

Anti-inflammatory drugs – please stop 48 hours before your surgery date.

Example – Mobic, Voltaren & Neurofen.

Anti platelet or blood thinning drugs To be advised and special arrangements will be made by your G.P.  how to manage ceasing your medication prior to surgery

Examples – Warfarin, Iscover, Clopidogrel, Co Plavix, Pradaxa


You must check with your GP before ceasing any of the above blood thinning drugs.

If you are taking Anti-platelet or blood thinning drugs special arrangements will have to be made to manage ceasing the drug before surgery



You will be told by the hospital when to stop eating and drinking, however as a general rule if your surgery is in the morning fast from midnight otherwise nothing to eat or drink 6 hours before the operation.



It is very important that you bring any X-Rays, ultra-sounds and MRI’s you have into hospital with you.



If you have any questions regarding your operation, stay in hospital and aftercare please contact our clinical nurses,Jane or Teresa on 1300747077 on Monday, Tuesday or Thursday after 10am.